Land Size Measurements

North Cyprus Land Size Measurements

Measurement of Land Sizes in Cyprus

Land in North Cyprus is measured in Donums

1 Donum = 4 evleks ,   of which 1 evlek = 3600 ayak
1 donum = 1,388 m2 (a third of an acre) = 14400sq ft
1 evlek = 3600 sq ft
1 ayak = 1sq ft

In some areas you are only allowed to build on 20% of the land and only 2 stories high (these figure vary from area to area). This is applied strictly and will hopefully mean that North Cyprus will not be overdeveloped in the way that South Cyprus has.

As a non Cypriot individual you are only allowed to own one donum of land. In fact you are unlikely to be offered a donum of land (this is enough to build 2 houses) the land you buy will probably have been divided up (called parceling) and you will buy a parcel of land with or without a house on it. A parcel of land will normally be about 2 evleks or just under and this would be enough to build a 3 bed roomed house on. To obtain the deeds of property in North Cyprus, as a non Turkish Cypriot you will need permission from the Council of Ministers (a very bureaucratic process) that is currently taking up to 2 years. There is a possibility that in the 2 years the property being sold to you could go up in price. So make sure you have a water tight contract.  One more point to make and that is that it is becoming more popular for developers in North Cyprus who have a large piece of land not to parcel it up so that each purchaser gets a title deed to the land his/her property sits on, but instead to have a shared title deed for the whole plot with your property designated as being owned by you.

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